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Newborn Photography

Embrace that soft, squishy, pure, joyous love.

As you navigate your latest chapter with a divine, oh-so-sweet bundle of joy, I’ll tip-toe in quietly and give you timeless memories to hold long after they’ve grown.

Celebrate new life with newborn photography sessions

There’s nothing quite like watching new parents soak up those heady first days, siblings meeting and (mostly) cherishing their mini-me, or capturing an age that is so very fleeting. As a caring and bub-obsessed photog, I adore being invited in to share this special time!

How it works

I get it—babies are unpredictable, and emotions are high. Everyone’s doing their best, and I understand that. You may want baby to be more alert or need a little more time to recover and adjust at home, especially if you’ve got a toddler in the mix. 

I’ll keep my calendar open, so when it’s a good time (is there ever one?), I’ll be there!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How will we work out the date and time in advance? What if my baby arrives early or late?

I understand that nature works in mysterious ways. It may also take a little time to feel up to visitors. Rest assured, you and your baby will be the guide. I want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy this experience, so we’ll be in close contact to make arrangements that work with your crazy new normal! I photograph newborns up to three months old.

What do I need to organise before the day of the newborn photography session?

Just relax and do your thing, mama! I’m in awe of you all, and I’ll be waiting on the other side to create beautiful images of your newest family member whenever you’re ready!

I’m worried I won’t be looking my best after birth. Can you make me look good?

There’s something so ethereal about that new mum and dad glow. The joy, that doting love, makes for the most heart-melting photographs. But, as your newborn photographer, I would say two things: trust the process, and know that I will work only to what you are 100% comfortable with.

What if my baby cries the whole time during our newborn photo shoot?

Babies can be tricky lil things—they have their own schedules, and that’s ok! Stopping for cuddles, feeds, and anything else is part of the process, and for this reason, I rarely need to come back for a reshoot.

What if bubs is awake the whole time?

There is absolutely no expectation for them to be sleeping! In fact, this suits my natural photography approach. We’ll still get the setting right and make sure they’re relaxed. I’ll work efficiently so you can get back to dealing with your wonderfully chaotic new family dynamic!

How long does a newborn photo session take?

Again, you and baby will guide the session. However, I generally say between 40 mins to two hours, depending on the best light and feeding and nap times (and toddlers involved!).

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Ready To Celebrate Your Newest Family Member With a Newborn Photoshoot?

If you want more than just a photographer to celebrate the arrival of your newest love, I’d love to be part of this special time!