Hey, Rem here!

Do you want more from your wedding photographer? Great!

Meet your newest hype gal, banter buddy, fellow style queen and your most valuable wedding resource!

Based in Mildura, Victoria, I’m a travelling lifestyle photographer and documenter of dream weddings and special real-life moments to relive forever. My couples choose their own adventures with me because I am unashamedly obsessed with LOVE and driven by their vision.

As a roving wedding photographer, I love exploring new and exciting places and getting to know you and your dynamic as a couple intimately—nothing is TMI! I’ll lean into your unique love language while ensuring you and your people feel at ease and enjoy every moment. 

Watching you walk the next step on your journey is what makes my heart full. 

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What to Expect When You Choose Me

01. Get to Know Me

We’ll start by hanging out on Zoom or at my studio in Mildura, Victoria. Here, we’ll get to know each other better, and I’ll give you the DL on my services.

02. Super Simple Sign-Up

Paperwork—yawn! I’ve made it super-easy and fully digitised so we can get the boring stuff out of the way and back to planning your big day.

03. Get Access to My Resources

You’ll get sent my wedding planning guides and a hand-selected list of vendors to help make your wedding the stuff of dreams. You’re welcome!

04. Booking a Complimentary Shoot

Yes, that’s right! I’d love to take some beautiful snaps of you and your dreamboat so we can get into a groove and get comfortable with each other! This is a complimentary part of my service if you’re heading down the aisle.

05. I’m Only a Call or Text Away

I’m here for you, so reach out as much as you need with any question, big or small! The most important thing is you enjoy the process and feel chillaxed throughout.

06. We’ll Meet to Prepare the Final Details

Our final consultation before the big day where we discuss a game plan and organise all the finer details. Pulling together all your vendor timelines and coordinate the day, you’ll leave this catch up feeling organised and ready to go!

07. OMG—It’s Your Big Day!

 I’ll be there for you both—your biggest hype gal, banter buddy and keeper of secrets! After working closely together in the lead-up, you’ll realise the wedding day is a piece of (ahem, wedding) cake!

Secure Remi as your Wedding Photographer today!

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Why Choose Me for Your Location Wedding Photography?

No fake posing, awkwardness, or tired formula. No eyes on the time. You won’t even know I have it all under control while dancing with you, giggling with your peeps and capturing you in the most heavenly light. You’ll go with the flow having the happiest day of your life with your soulmate and loved ones, just being your beautifully raw, honest selves.

It’s my job to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and enjoying every moment of the lead-up to your wedding, the big day, and that tearful lil’ comedown afterwards. I’m so much more than just a wedding photographer, and that’s why I’ve been blessed to document the love story of hundreds of Victorian couples over the past three years.

Every couple I work with receives a personalised photography experience where they take the lead but gain my knowledge and gentle guidance to get the shots that take their breath away. Can you feel those butterflies?!

Well, that’s what you’ll feel the whole way through—thanks to my commitment to embracing pure love, unabashed joy and real-life energy.

Fun Facts

At the ripe age of 16! Shooting my very first wedding lead to capturing hundreds in the years since, over 10 years later.

In my younger years, I was often times referred to as “the mum friend”. The person who was there as a shoulder to cry on, encouraged my pals to see the growth that can come from all of life’s experiences and celebrated their wins to the up-most degree. As I’ve grown older, this love for embracing people’s journeys has manifested into my work. Being an empath strengthens our connection and in turn, my ability to capture you truthfully.

You may have noticed a perplexing vibe to my work – it’s not quite country and it’s not quite city. That’s because I’m a country girl with city in her heart. Whilst I adore open fields and breathtaking scenery, my heart also calls out for minimalist city architecture and hidden alley ways that light up the sky at night.
So whether we’re riding around in a bush-bomb or chasing trams, know I’m here for it all!

You’ll come to learn one of my love languages is music. As a child I made my mum sacrifice the 6 CD boom box (that’s right, the good stuff) to my bedroom. The dance choreography I made in my childhood bedroom to Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, and Enrique Igelsias was honestly iconic. I promise to bring a speaker and bust some moves on your big day – it’s a necessary part of my service at this point.

You can either find me frolicking in the sun, sippin’ on a glass of shiraz (or vodka soda lemon if I’m in it for the party), exploring the great outdoors with my other half, or spending time having a good ol’ laugh with my beautiful family. 

In 2012 a cute boy flippin’ burgers said “goodbye” as I left one of my first of many Maccas shifts. Little did either of us know it would leave us inseparable til this day. The love we share inspires me every day, to understand more about all kinds of love and stories that follow.

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Ready To Tell Your Beautiful Love Story Through Photography?

 I’ll bring the colour, banter, joy and fun—you supply the ROMANCE and your whole selves! I can’t wait to chat with you both!

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