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Family Photography

Embracing the love and the chaos of this very moment!

Family life is busy and relentless, but I’ve never heard a single person regret the time they made for their loved ones. Maybe it’s time to start making time. 

Whether it’s the first chance in years the whole extended family is getting together or you’re just after a few updated images of the kids, there’s no moment like the present to pause and ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Treasured family memories with a trusted friend

The best family photography sessions are all about having fun and capturing those candid moments—monkeys that don’t keep still, tickles from Dad, and squishy Grandma hugs! With my patient and fun approach, I promise you and your extended family vibrant, heartfelt memories that live on forever.

How it works

When you’ve gathered the troops and set a date, we’ll tee up a time, location and general order of things. I’ll let you guide me as to your family’s dynamic and what you envisage for your treasured family moments. Then, it’s time to have some fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your family photography sessions?

My family photo packages begin at $500 (+ GST). Because I love being part of your love story, I’m stoked to offer a 20% discount for returning clients.  But I have several options for you depending on your wishes.

I have a large family. Does that affect your pricing?

Big families are the bomb—the more, the merrier! There is no extra cost, but it will need a little extra planning. You’ll also get a bigger selection gallery, so get in touch and let’s see what we can do!

We want a more formal family shoot. Can you do this?

Absolutely—we get the serious stuff out of the way before the fun begins so the kids can stretch their legs! While I love to have fun and keep things au naturel, I understand it’s important to have everyone looking at the camera, and I always provide a gallery of both styles, which my clients really appreciate.

My dad’s super embarrassing at times. How will you keep him in check?

Don’t worry. I’ve seen and heard it all before! I’ve had fathers of the bride, dads, uncles, and even cheeky nephews who have tried to send things a bit cray. Growing up with brothers, I know a thing or two about banter!

Where does the family photo session take place?

Anywhere you want! I’m a travelling photographer based in Mildura, Victoria, but can come to you wherever you are.

What do we do if someone falls sick on the day?

Sometimes these things happen, so you are welcome to one complimentary re-schedule in this instance with sufficient notice. You won’t lose a deposit if you give enough notice, but it is up to my discretion. You’ll find these details outlined in your contract.

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Ready To Start Planning Your Family Photoshoot?

If you want more than just a photographer to capture special family moments, I’d be honoured to join yours. Let’s chat!

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